Fair Trade. Ethically Made. Stunning. 

Our textiles are carefully handwoven by talented artisans on floor looms using traditional, time tested weaving techniques. Our mission is to create sustainable and reliable job opportunities for artisans in developing countries all of whom are paid a fair, living wage for their incredible work. By displaying their artistry on our slings, we hope to not only to support the entrepreneurial efforts of our artisan partners but also their endeavors to preserve and promote the art of indigenous weaving that has been passed down for generations.

Once our textiles reach the United States, they are meticulously hand sewn by local seamstresses, who benefit from the ability to work flexibly from home while caring for their families. All of the materials used in our products from the tags to the rings are bought from small business owners in order to support their livelihoods and families. From our artisans partners to our customers, we are all so grateful for the beautiful community of people that make Indago possible! Thank you!