Fabric Guide

Guatemala Collection:

All of the slings in our Guatemala Collection are made from handwoven Guatemalan ikat. They  are all 100% cotton and are incredibly supportive, providing nearly the same support as a typical double layer sling while maintaining the ease of use and lightweight feel of a single layer. The ikat weave is very cushy and comfortable on the shoulder and molds excellently to both caregiver baby to provide optimal comfort and provide great “deep seat”. Ikat slings will last you for the entirety of your babywearing years and are an excellent choice for toddlers as well as small babies. A short breaking in period soon creates a soft and moldable sling that you’re sure to reach for constantly and we fit all of our thicker ikats with XL rings for ease of adjustment and threading.

The support level for this fabric varies and is listed in individual listing descriptions, but is typically rated around 1.85 level support. 


Mexico Collection:

The slings in our Mexico Collection are characterized by their soft, broken in, blankety feel right out of the box. Our signature weaves from Mexico vary in their qualities and range from lightweight to moderately thick. Pliable and easy to adjust, these slings are perfect for new slingers and veterans alike. They are perfect for newborn snuggles while still providing awesome support for bigger babies.

All slings in the Mexico Collection feature our signature, uniquely designed macrame fringes and raw handwoven edges.  The fibers used in the Mexico collection vary. Qualities and fiber content of our unique weaves are listed below. The weave of a given sling will always be listed in the individual product description of the sling. 


Lightweight Weave:

Our “lightweight weave” is breathable and moldable. Extremely soft right out of the box with no breaking in period needed, it is the perfect sling for newborns while still providing great support for larger babies. It is a fantastic choice for those new to ring slings as it is very easy to adjust in the rings and get baby in the right position. This is a light, cool sling that is perfect for warm weather and still soft enough for winter snuggles.

 The support level for this fabric is rated at 1.25. Fiber content is 100% cotton.


Blanket Weave: 

Our “blanket weave” is full of totally unique qualities compared to most slings on the market. It is extremely soft to the touch and feels like a cozy throw blanket when worn. The weave is thick and cushy in hand but is still feels very lightweight. Fitted with XL rings, this sling is very pliable and easy to adjust right out of the box and requires zero breaking in. The moldable nature of the fabric makes it extra easy to get a comfortable deep seat for baby and the doubled-up layers of fabric in its quad shoulder design give the shoulder a unique cushy, “cloud-like” feel that is extremely comfortable and supportive for the wearer. 

The support level for this fabric is rated at 1.70. Fiber content is a cotton and acrylic blend.


Support Weave:

Our “support weave” is the thickest and most supportive of our Mexico Collection weaves. It is an excellent choice for heavy babies and toddlers but doesn’t require the same breaking in that most “heavy-weight support” slings require. In the signature style of our Mexico weaves, it is soft to the touch and has a beautiful pliable drape. It is also a nice cool sling, perfect for warmer temperatures. Fitted with XL rings, it has the single layer ease of adjustment caregivers love while giving them the comfort they need for long or heavy carries. It is a great sling for those who want the extra support and comfort without the hassle and stiffness.

 The support level for this fabric is rated at 1.85. Fiber content is 100% cotton.