Care of Your Handwoven

General washing instructions: 

 Spot treatment as needed is ideal. If a deeper wash is needed, handwash or machine wash on a delicate cycle ALONE and with COLD water only. Protect the rings with ring wraps or by covering with a sock and fastening with a hair tie. Use a quarter size amount of optical brightener free detergent, such as 7th generation free and clear or SOAK. Please refer to "washing fringe" if your sling has fringe on the end. Lay flat to dry. Never machine dry your sling as it could cause damage or shrinkage. Certain materials tend to wrinkle when washed, which is easily fixed by steam ironing or running through the rings. Steam iron as needed.


Washing fringe:  When washing slings with knotted or loose fringe, cover the fringe on the end of your sling with the dust bag that came with your sling (a large sock or small pillowcase works as well) and secure with a hair tie. This prevents tangling of the loose yarns. Twisted fringe can be washed without special precautions. 


 For your Nepal Collection sling: Spot treatment is ideal. If a deeper wash is needed, handwash in cold water using SOAK detergent or another enzyme free (also referred to as non biological) detergent. If desired, it can be machine washed on a delicate cycle ALONE and with COLD water if it is placed in garment bag or white pillowcase secured closed with a hair tie. Lay flat to dry. Never machine dry. Steam iron no medium as needed. 


For your Guatemala Collection ikat sling: We work to minimize any chance of color bleeding by communicating closely with our weavers to ensure high quality, low impact dyes are used and that they are set appropriately. However, color catchers can also be used to absorb any dyes in the water as an extra precaution.


Breaking in your sling: Regular use is the best way to break in and soften your sling. Braiding your sling, steam ironing and running the fabric back and forth through the rings while threaded is also helpful for breaking in and softening. 


Fixing minor pulls: Minor pulls, nubs, and thread skips are normal for all handwoven materials and are a testament to the one of a kind handmade nature of your item. If any pulls occur as you use your handwoven, they can quickly and easily be fixed using a Knit Picker as shown below. We offer complimentary knit pickers on our website so you can keep your item looking fresh and new! Scroll down for the tutorial video.